Alienware CES Mega Post 2019
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 Star Citizen developer calls ray tracing "a massive headache"
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 Shovel Knight's final two expansions have been delayed for 'several months'
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 'Apex Legends' Is Making Some Players Sick
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 Razer's game store to close at the end of the month
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 John Romero's Sigil, the spiritual successor to Ultimate Doom, is delayed
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 The Bard's Tale 4 is getting a 'Director's Cut' overhaul
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 Far Cry New Dawn's lush setting is built around 'real world' scenarios
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 Anthem players have already found a way to skip its endgame grind and get the best loot
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 GOG marks the Year of the Pig with a week-long Lantern Festival Sale
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 Deck of Ashes looks like a Darkest Dungeon card game
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 Apex Legends dataminers uncover a survival mode and hover tanks
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 New Xbox Games With Gold For February 2019 Available Now
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 Black Ops 4’s Operation Grand Heist Adds Car Chases And A Gorilla, Coming This Week
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 Top 10 UK Games Chart: Crackdown 3 Makes Slow Start In Debut Week
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 'Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned' Released This Day 10 Years Ago
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 Rainbow Six Siege (everything the fourth year brings)
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 Call Of Duty's 2019 Title Will Have A Single-Player Campaign
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 Harmonix's new game is a VR rhythm shooter called Audica
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 Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is free to play on Steam for the next two days
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 This tech uses AI to automatically create highlight clips for you in Fortnite and PUBG
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 Anthem bug sends low level players into the final mission
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 Darksiders 3 made its money back and is still part of a 'key IP'
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 The Lenovo Legion Y740 with RTX 2080 Max-Q Reviewed + Anthem Gameplay
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 Rainbow Six Siege Hibana Elite skin release date: when you can get the Onkochishin bundle
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