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 The most interesting new games - 08/2018
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 Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Exclusive Beta Event Begins
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 Blizzard confirmed not one but a few new Diablo games (we have no idea how many)
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 Twitch Will Add Specific Streaming Categories, from Tabletop RPGs to ASMR
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 Battlefield 5 is Getting Second Closed Alpha Next Week
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 Steam Numbers Show MHW's Massive Success - It's Steam's Biggest Game So Far in 2018
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 Monster Hunter World Sells 2 Million Units Within The First Two Days of Launch On Steam
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 Bethesda explains why it blocked the sale of a secondhand copy of The Evil Within 2
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 Chinese Regulators Remove MHW From Sale with Tencent Offering Refunds
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 Devil May Cry 5 playable demo is ready for Gamescom
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 Phantom Doctrine Now on Steam and Alienware Exclusive Items!
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 Next Up Hero brings CrossPlay to Nintendo Switch
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 Jagged Alliance: Rage! Brings Turn-Based Tactical Combat to a New Generation
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 Bethesda treated us to a ton of DOOM Eternal gameplay footage at Quakecon
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 BROKE PROTOCOL: Online City rpg FREE ON STEAM for limited time
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 SA_DirectX 2.0 Mod makes Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas look as a modern video game (Updated)
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 Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky fully revealed at Paris Major
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 Generation Zero's First Gameplay Trailer Shows Dynamic Co-op FPS Action in Apex Engine
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 Dontnod's Vampyr is Being Turned into a Fox Television Series
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 Take a Tour of Ancient Athens in Latest Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trailer
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 Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Feature The Largest Map Ever
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 Gone Home Coming to Nintendo Switch
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 Square is teaming up with coke for a new SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER Promotion
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 Grab a Free Steam Game Key (Gleam)
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 Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Enhanced Edition trailer shows off additional features
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