Ragequit champ 1993

Choose you own game, I chose Warframe.
Played a while and went out.
Came back and tried to start the Warframe weekly quest, but Alienware is sure I don't own the game.
Already unliked Steam and re-linked, no change.
Any ideas?
Just to check, someone level raises with lifetime ARP right? Like, I can spend my current ARP and its no problem?
Friendly reminder to run up your hours on that community event for "The Finals". 38k at the moment, and 50k gets us all an artifact.
What even is the point of the search feature? It doesn't seem to do anything.


6 hours later, still waiting for steam quests to acknowledge completion... im so sick of this russian roulette with playtime detection. Fix it ! As expected, 15h later, still not detected, 2 quests wasted. Thanks for nothing devs.
What are the fragments used for?
And where do they show up?
still new to this

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Thief celebrates its 10th anniversary of releasing on February 25th, 2014. A tribute way, I made an amazeballs, yet powerful animation. Happy Birthday, Garrett...! Wait, an my ARP? Guys, did you see who stole my ARP? Jeez, these thieves ๐Ÿ˜ก.


Thx for participating previous poll! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
4๏ธโƒฃ โœ… Forum โœ… New Relay
So upcoming changes.


โœ… Game Vault History
โŒ Freebies and Twitch Streamers List


โœ… Game Vault Items and Community Event (Pinned in Announcement)
โœ… Site bugs and Game Vault change (eg. Price drop) and Artifact & Fragments Info
โŒ Daily Quest and Freebies and AWASCE Progress update
โŒ Personally quiting Freebies posting
โŒ Game Vault Prediction
What is the "OUR APOLOGIES" quest?
Hello world
I'm having a lot of fun with Islands of Insight. Such a nice surprise for an obtainable vault item.
Changed artifacts back fros store set to Twitch, but noone to watch for an hour( Losing 32 ARP( We definitely need reduced swap cooldown. At least 12 hours.
Nobody from twitch? I have been waiting for an hour and apparently there are no streamers. I don't know if it's just bad luck, or there is something wrong. Obligatory: Please, bring back the forums. I don't know why, but all the text gets put together even if I'm trying to put the paragraphs separated.
I had a problem with F2P steam quests always. I had installed Team Fortress 2. I clicked on Check Games. But it didn't appeared the Launch Game Icon. I had configured all like there said. Also i had made the quest with the game Crossout and claim the 25 ARP but then always had a problem with the launch icon. How can i fix it?

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Todays Daily quests "Our Apologies!" I have no clue what to do and the only advice the ? gives is that quests require different actions around the site to be completed. Please visit the forums to get help from the community on how to complete them. Does anyone know what should be done since I can't find anything here?
Looks like I can no longer get any more ARP for watching Twitch. Turkey has banned it. Before you recommend using a VPN, most of those are also banned here. Every day it's something new.
Encouragement post for mods/admins to express thanks for the survey reimbursement. While it's important to hold others accountable, I feel it's also equally valid to deliver praise when something is fixed properly. Keep this same energy going forward towards ARP errors & I'm sure the user-base will always feel appreciated
Year 4, Still haven't received my Alienware Banner. Email was Disregarded the third time....
Guys, I just reached Tier 2 and received a notification with a congratulations and a link to receive a reward, but I can't find it in the rewards page (the link redirects to this page). It really exists?
Not sure how many others are picking it up, but thanks AWA for having Islands of Insight in the Vault this month

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F - lost time and forgot about Game Vault opening...and the game I was hoping for sold out...


My hours for The Finals event are not updating since 2 days. The progress did update only in the first 2 days, but now I'm stuck at 5 hours even though I have played 14+
I didnt get Banishers and would really like to get it. If someone got it and would prefer to trade it maybe for something from my list (in the comments) or for TF2 keys / Gems please let me know!