Guild Wars 2 Rolls Out Exciting New Update Alongside Event

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It’s an exciting time for Guild Wars 2 fans! Not only is April 16th the beginning of Super Adventure Festival 2024, but ArenaNet also released an update that includes a quality-of-life feature that is essentially a  “fit-check.” Players will have the option to select, “Inspect Cosmetics” in the context menu (accessed by right-clicking on another player’s portrait) where they will be able to see the equipment a player has along with the dyes they have used. No longer will you be left wondering how to look as cool as someone you meet. Players should keep in mind that the feature will only provide information on equipped cosmetics and won’t show gear stats, rarities, or any infusions, sigils, and runes that the player has - you can’t be that nosy!

To read the full announcement, click here. 

As for the event, there’s ample fun to be had! Super Adventure Festival 2024 starts April 16th and goes until May 7th. Even if you’re new to the game, there’s plenty of fun to be had and retro-inspired gear to be earned. Players will just need to click the invitation to teleport to the Super Adventure Box Hub. Once inside the Adventure Box, you’ll have a different skill set to adapt to. Once inside the box, you won’t take damage from falling, and you can’t use gliders or mounts. The new skill bar will help you adapt to the changes. There are two worlds and two gameplay modes you can choose from. Exploration mode is well-suited for a casual gamer, who might need some help traversing puzzles, and Tribulation Mode is for those seeking more challenges in their everyday life! There are new rewards players can earn, including Super Adventure Box-themed guild decorations, the new Golem Buster weapon set, new Retro-Forged set weapons, and the new Powered Shoulders armor. Worry not! If you missed last year’s Powerewd Gloves you can purchase them through the event trader. There are even more items to earn by completing objectives in the Wizard’s Vault, if you’re feeling up for the task!

To read more about the event, visit the Guild Wars 2 site for more info about he Super Adventure Festival 2024! 


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Wow, that looks awesome. Hmm. I haven't played GW2 in almost 10 years... wonder if I can still remember my account details...