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Games that depend on official servers for online or even working at all

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I have recently discovered that some games I planned to play online with friends are not working anymore as official servers are closed and developer didnt provide any means for private hosting

there are even games that I cannot launch to play single player cause they need official server connection to launch the main menu

It is honestly sickening that we live in times where games have basicly expiration date on their features and even sometimes on the entire game

For example I loved playing Battleborn with my brother - it had a fun coop campaign and we loved playing against each other in MP with team of bots. Now you cannot even launch the game - you cannot do anything with the game.

Another example - we loved playing Ridge Racer Unbound and racing each other - now the servers are closed and no other means to play online are provided.

I mean for Christ sake I can play games that are almost 20 years old simply by using Radmin and launching LAN lobbies in game but nowdays new games dont let you play online in any other way then official server

How did it come for gaming industry to become such cancer that wont give users means for private hosting and we end up with digital garbage one day that we loved to play and now can do nothing with it - fully paid games that sometimes like with Battleborn I even HAVE A PHYSICAL DISC of the game when I bought it.

Maybe you guys can share some thoughts on this issue? I feel like so black pilled when it comes to gaming industry these days.

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