The Return of a Classic: Alan Wake 2 Is Here!

Over a decade has passed since Remedy Entertainment brought us into the chilling world of Alan Wake, a novelist trapped in a reality eerily mirroring his own fiction. As he grappled with "The Taken" in the atmospheric town of Bright Falls, players were left craving more from this tale of shadows, suspense, and intrigue. Now, the wait is finally over.

Alan Wake 2 promises an expanded universe, boasting improved gameplay mechanics and visually stunning graphics that play on the iconic interplay of light and dark. As we dive deeper into this psychological thriller, prepare for a narrative filled with unexpected twists and the haunting ambiance we've grown to love. Whether a returning fan or a curious newcomer, Alan Wake 2 guarantees an unforgettable journey.

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It's Epic exclusive so that game doesn't exist for me.

One year later though when it comes to Steam...


Wake me in 2 year, or maybe 1, if the reviews are good