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Goodbye ARP Boosters :(

The Sheriff

You guys have been aware of the upcoming shutdown of the ARP Booster system. Let's get straight to the meat of the changes and then I'll try to explain why. Then I'll leave it to you guys to be mad anyway.  

ARP BOOSTERS WILL NO LONGER WORK AFTER JULY 18TH, 2023. Any currently active boosters will also cease to work, but, will still be converted to ARP. The exact time on the 18th is not known. 

Any unused Boosters will be converted to a base amount of ARP. The multiples of all your remaining boosters, added together, and multiplied by 5. Total hours for those boosters will have no bearing on ARP totals. 

Example: in your inventory, you have the following unused ARP Boosters.  2x48 + 2x48 + 3x48 +4x72= 11x   11 x 5arp = 55arp. 

Some of you will have more, some of you will have less. This is the compromise.


Why are we discontinuing ARP Boosters and why cant people use up what they have left? 

ARP Boosters were first introduced back in ARP 4.0. About 6 years ago. Back then, there were only a few ways to earn ARP and values were not that high per day.  ARP was also a purely XP system and leveling was not something that had to be heavily regulated. Boosters were given out all the time to help people speed up leveling. 
The introduction of ARP 6.0 changed the way ARP is used. It is no longer purely an XP component, but a redeemable point system. As well, there have been a TON of new ways to earn ARP since 4.0. And Artifacts boost even more. The amount of ARP available per month has gone up about 6x. Allowing boosters to continue to increase these totals by double, triple and even quadruple for some members makes it extremely difficult to maintain a fair balance. 

We're opening up more countries to Dell Rewards. We have more opportunities for games and rewards for every region than we've ever had. To make sure we can onboard these new features, we have to maintain a stable balance of ARP in the land.


Thank you for understanding,

Alienware Arena

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I don't know about you guys but I'm quite happy we've get to say goodbye to the ARP Boosters. LOL


I'm not gonna lie i have 44 of them boosters that I never use so at least I get something for not useing them. lol

ARP boosters were nothing but a tease for me that I could never properly make use of them to maxamize end of month ARP gathering. Good riddance 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)

Why don't you just stop giving ARP booster and let the remaining ones run its course?

The Terror That Flaps in the Night
IKILLPAIN said: 2h

Why don't you just stop giving ARP booster and let the remaining ones run its course?

They've already stopped giving out boosters since like January (I think, about half a year in any case).

The problem with letting people just keep them indefinitely is that they then have to keep the boosters in mind for every single thing they do down the line, because of people hoarding them.

Community event with lots of ARP rewards? Someone's sitting on a 4x booster and will outstrip expected gains by a lot.
And so and so an, I'm sure you get the idea.

I'm also still sitting on a couple boosters (though I did start using a couple when we first heard they'd be discontinued), but I recognize the necessity of getting rid of them.

ProtoTypeX2C said: 3h

I'm not gonna lie i have 44 of them boosters that I never use so at least I get something for not useing them. lol

200 ARP? Years on site enough for 1/20 game)

Pessimistic Optimist

Definitive date - good!
Conversion rates aren't that bad either , quite fair - good!
Just one more week - bad. sad

I understand why they are discontinued - and I totally agree.
Problem is - it is, again, a short notice.
Better than with ARP with transition to 6.0 - but still very short.

Why you guys (I mean - AWA) didn't say anything about shutting them down vs just not giving them away anymore back in January?
That would've being a much better move.

I understand that asking for more time now is fruitless, and I hope that next week has something very interesting and that's the reason why change is so fast coming.

And still - better communication in the future would be much appreciated.


Goodbye my little helpers. 

You were a nice assist to have available.

All things pass, but you will be remembered fondly.


Pessimistic Optimist

Additional thoughts:

We have "been aware" for only 11 days, not even 2 weeks so far.
Total of 2.5 weeks isn't that big of a time to use them - especially with no quests or dailies on weekends.
I am not a hoarder - and I would still have at least 1 Booster that I wouldn't be able to use.

People were asking for "at least until the end of the month" - are you guys even reading what we post?
So far doesn't lok much like that... sad