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Alienware Twitch Schedule!

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Hey everyone! Do you want the chance to win cool things, stay connected within the community, and chat with Alienware Staff? Check out the Alienware Twitch stream, currently streaming twice a week! Check it out if you'd like to chat, or just be entertained by some cool games in the background! Check back here to stay updated on the date and time! 

The current schedule is Mondays 11-1pm ET and Wednesday 1-3pm ET

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So that's UTC-4 during DST and UTC-5 otherwise, correct? Thanks for the info.

Just a good ol' boy

It's kinda b.s. that you have to have a verified account to participate in chat and get drops for the official Alienware Twitch channel but not the other streamers on our list. I've been here for nearly 7 years but can't get those drops as I've never owned a cellular phone, even as an adult. I use a trusted friend's phone for 2fa and can't be bothering them over every little thing.

I think I get the gist of why it's done this way, to prevent fake accounts from gaming the system and taking the drops whereas with the other streamers all there is to gain is the daily ARP... I just humbly ask you consider changing this and implementing a different way to distinguish real users from said system gamers. Perhaps make a rule that your account must be X amount old with X amount of lifetime ARP or something like that before you can be eligible? There has to be another way.


Thanks for your time. I realize this isn't the "Suggestions" section but it felt more appropriate to post here.