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Always Free Game/Item Thread! No Time Limit & Are Always Available Free!

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The reason for this post is to post any freebies that are not time sensitive and are always available 100% Free. So that way the real deals do not get pushed to the back pages, being most in truth could care less about always Free games and itmes. So the real deals that normally cost money will stay on the first page and not get pushed back. 

The only time we don't mind another post not made here is if the game's devs have decided to move that game, which was FREE or Free to Play to a paid model and start chargeing for it. This is due to if you add it while its Free, you own it if you clamed it before it went to the paid Model. 

So please, post ALL 100% free and always free Games/Items in this thread please. I have talked too the Admins and they will pin this tread! So, post away here! Thanks All ! 


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any posts other than games will be removed, games free on EPIC may also be listed 

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Agree! When I posted Items I meant Game Related Items as in DLCs or Addons. 

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Cypher504 said: 5h

Agree! When I posted Items I meant Game Related Items as in DLCs or Addons. 

 dlc's,addons,main game   is fine . 


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Free game via Steam! This free game is called Omega Strikers!

About Omega Strikers "Join the footbrawl! Smash opponents off the arena and score goals in this lightning-fast 3v3 free-to-play game. Squad up with friends and choose from a growing cast of colorful Strikers to sling slimes, toss tofu, and rocket boost to victory."

Omega Strikers

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Sup All ! Free Prologue via Steam. This free prologue is for the game Thief Simulator 2: Prologue! 

About this Prologue:"Tired of political exploitation? Join me and let's rebuild our thieving business together! Let's steal cars, radios, and TVs - anything that catches your eye can be yours! Recall what it's like to be a thief in Thief Simulator 2: Prologue!"

Thief Simulator 2: Prologue

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Sup All! Free game via Steam! This game has been on a rollercoaster, its been for sale, then moved to the Free2 Play model and then removed from Steam and is now back as a Free2play once again.. The game is called Last Year. 

About Last Year : "Enter the nightmarish world of Last Year, where you and four other classmates try to survive, fight back and ultimately escape a horrifying Fiend in this unique horror asymmetric game."

Last Year

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Sup All! Free game via Steam! This always freebie is called Quasimorph: End of Dream!

About this game: Quasimorph: End of Dream is the first chapter of the extraction turn-based RPG Quasimorph. Confront your fears in brutal shootouts with PMC -fighters and demons and try to survive to complete your mission and bring the gear back to your spaceship!

Quasimorph: End of Dream