New for February: Love is a Battlefield - WoT EU NA ASIA

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Wargaming has released details of its latest event and this time it's global, allowing players from south-east asia to participate too. From Friday 31 January until Wednesday 26 February 2020, tank enthusiasts can compete for equipment, reserves, blueprints and even historical armoured vehicles.

Named 'Love is a Battlefield', the mission-based celebration is themed around the St Valentine's Day holiday and offer 5 tiers of achievements to unlock. For the first time, the tier 6 Bretagne Panther is available in this mission marathon. It appears though that WG have not made the grind too demanding and you may get some other pleasant surprises along the way. Seven days of premium time has been made available for competitiors who already have the vehicle in garage.

Participants need to play a handful of games each day to make progress so it is accessible to a wide range of players.


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thanks for the reminder, but remember 4 of the seven daily missions you only can get in platoons