This tech uses AI to automatically create highlight clips for you in Fortnite and PUBG

This tech uses AI to automatically create highlight clips for you in Fortnite and PUBG




Sharing highlight moments with your fellow Fortnite fans (or whatever your game of choice) is fun, but also a hassle. I don't know about you, but I'm usually too busy trying not to die to remember to record what I'm doing, and even if I do manage to come up with something watchable, uploading it to be seen by three people who are probably just going to tell me how much I suck anyway is an aggravation I can do without. 

Athenascope is a new system that aims to get around all of that by using "computer vision," similar to the tech used in self-driving cars, to automate the process. Players of Fortnite, Rocket League, and PUBG can stream gameplay sessions directly to the service or link their Twitch accounts to it, after which Athenascope will analyze the incoming video and automatically create highlight videos featuring "wins, kills, goals, blocks, and other noteworthy moments."


Athenascope was founded by Chris Kirmse, who previously co-created the Discord and Twitch precursor Xfire, and the early MMO Meridian 59. “Like a lot of gamers today, I love tuning into my favorite Twitch streamers and watching crazy gameplay edits on YouTube," Kirmse said. “But not everyone can be a professional streamer or content creator. Athenascope opens the door for every gamer in the world to share evidence of their epicness." 

The developers are working on a standalone app, but for now it operates entirely online. You'll need to install and configure the OBS Studio software, and then enter the URL and stream key to upload your gameplay. A "Squad Mode" option enables team-based video creation that mixes different player perspectives, and Discord sharing is built in. 

Supporting just three games is obviously a limiting factor, but it's still early in the process—an Athenascope rep said the launch of the service "is just the first step"—and it's free to use, which is tough to beat. Check out a couple more clips of Athenascope in action below, then find out more and try it out for yourself at


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AthenaScope Will be Popular With First person Shooter Games.

Love Catching Your Game Moments With Out Knowing (What Games Are Next) All Your Best Game Play's Saved To A Server






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The new software, created by Xfire co-founder Chris Kirmse, uses 'computer vision' to take the hassle out of highlights.

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