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Guide: What is ARP and how can I earn more if it?

The Sheriff
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Please review new additions from ARP 5.9 here


What is ARP? 

Arena Reward Points, aka ARP, are earned through various activities around the site. Earning ARP raises your level on Alienware Arena. So think of ARP like you do XP. The more you earn, the higher your rank. 

"OK wise guy", you might be thinking. "Why do I care about leveling up here?"

GREAT QUESTION! The most obvious reason people want to level up on the site is to gain better access to giveaways. I don't know if you are aware, but we tend to give away a lot of video games and various in-game items.  Those giveaways are not always available to everyone.  In fact, the majority of our giveaways require you to be at least level 2. So for all of those new people who are reading this for the first time because they heard we were giving away copies of (insert name of awesome game), this guide is truly for you.  We want you to get that game.  We know it can be annoying to jump through hoops (still free, so don't get too self-righteous), so we want to make this as easy and (sometimes) fun as possible.  

There's more reason to level up however.  If you head over to the Rewards page, you will see a bunch of nifty perks you can unlock the more you level up. And if you happen to be from the US (more countries coming soon™), we also let you choose from a variety of different rewards, both digital and physical, every time you reach a new Tier.  Just click through the different tiers to see the various perks and rewards you can claim.  BTW, there is no catch. I know that seems like a lie, but its the truth. You don't pay a dime for any of the merch.  Not even shipping.  We don't need a credit card to confirm you exist or any sort of other documentation.  Just claim the prize, tell us where you want it shipped, and you're done.  No.Strings.Attached.  


How to Earn ARP

There are 4 methods of earning ARP. A few of them require no work at all from you.  

Daily Login

Earn ARP and exclusive rewards within the Advent Calendar.  You will receive a new reward for each accrued day you log into the site. Rewards are based on total days logged in and not the day of the month. View the Calendar from your User Menu (top right).  


Each day, new daily quests are available to play.  These consist of quick mini-games that usually last less then a minute.  Upon completion, you get some ARP.  Some games, you'll get more ARP the better you do.  Some games will just be the luck of the draw.  We also do weekly quests which run Monday through Friday. Each day, we drop new clues and its up to you, with the help of the community, to figure it out for delicious ARP gains.  

You can find the quests by going to the Quests page or by clicking your ARP Status Indicator (ASI) on the bottom right. 

Some quests will be different depending on your region.   



What is given, can also be taken.  What a lot of new people figure out too late, is that you can also lose ARP.  By spamming non-sense threads and asking for votes without providing any content, you are subjecting yourself to the NUKE.  When an admin/mod nukes your post, you lose 10 ARP.  Read that again.  You lose 10 ARP for every post that's nuked.  Some people learn too late before they have dug themselves into a hole that they can't get out of.  Do not be that person. You will cry.  I will laugh.  


I hope this guide helps you understand what ARP is and the proper ways of earning it.  You can also brush up on our FAQ, for more information about the site.  I know I could have added visual aides to make it more appealing.  But that's more work and you guys don't need to be coddled.  So get out there and and start leveling. 


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Ha, some lazy bum translated the whole thing to portuguese...

Nobody even speaks the damn lingo :3


On a more serious edit, feel free to use or not use that ARP guide translation so that it can help the portuguese speaking countries (Mostly Brazil, on GA times)
The Portuguese dialect is almost similar to the Brazilian, people won't have trouble understanding it.

Now if only some kind Russian soul would do the the same, so we could have the perfect trifecta.

ExMaj said:

Thanks to DeprecatedProphylactic, I got an idea to translate this help (or guide, whatever you wanna say)  post to Bengali, my mother language.

Translated Pastebin

It can help people from mainly Bangladesh &  India. Just a odd thought goofing in my mind. What if we people from all the linguistic variance, translate this page into their own native language?