My first relay and I want to say thanks to AWA for my new Dell Inspiron 15" Laptop that I purchased using the bulk of the DR$/DRP I'd saved during my first ~15 months of membership. It's been a hoot! While I'm sad that it'll be more difficult to stack up larger amounts of Dell money going forward, I'm still happy I got the chance to earn what I did, when I did.
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02.28.2024 11:00:12 - maramire -
I just got a Dell Inspiron 16 with all that I saved. I put in less than $100 out of pocket because I also bought a USB Hub.
02.28.2024 13:29:29 - Daytraders -
I have £50 worth of points, if i exchange for dell money, can i use it against a item costing like £55 ? or is it for like 10% of final purchase as a example ? thx
02.28.2024 15:02:32 - Zedamsel -
Seems we had similar aims for our Dell monies @maramire. Congrats on your laptop! And @daytraders this will depend on what country you're in. In the USA, we can cover up to 100% cost. But some countries do limit the % of Dell money redeemab
02.28.2024 17:38:53 - Daytraders -
Ok thx for reply, i am UK
02.28.2024 19:14:01 - KittyCatAshes -
I almost got that too! But ended up getting the G15 since I needed a laptop with a 10 digit keypad. It was Inspiron for free (but kind of crappy system) spend $250 extra for a different brand, or $300 extra on the G15 that can run games. No
02.29.2024 01:42:43 - Zedamsel -
Glad you were able to get a laptop deal, too @KittyCatAshes. I'd hoped everyone was able to get the needed boost when AWA reset the DRP rewards 01/Feb, basically giving us back the extra $50 many folks had counted on for holiday shopping.