Site on mobile flips from normal to all buggy randomly throughout the day anyone else have this problem or know how to fix?
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03.29.2024 05:07:22 - ERRORTheUsernameIsAlreadyUsed -
03.29.2024 06:25:33 - Werbemail -
I think it's a caching problem. Change to another country subdomain and it should work (,,, etc.)
03.29.2024 13:05:49 - ClapperMonkey -
I'll try that, thank you.
03.29.2024 13:36:48 - TurdFerguson87 -
In the early days of website design, I remember having to tailor to screen size in a meticulous way. I think they've forgotten how that works. They could've made a dedicated app instead of a web browser shell.
03.29.2024 20:15:07 - ClapperMonkey -
Ya I saw there was an app but it says it's not updated enough for my device.