Sent another support email regarding my missing alienware banner i haven't received since 2019. Hopefully they get back to me soon, wish me luck
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07.09.2024 04:28:09 - j‚Äčk -
Thanks for the reminder to follow up again, I got sent the wrong item in 2022 and I've been trying to get the right thing sent ever since
07.09.2024 10:54:55 - maramire -
2019? How sad.
07.09.2024 11:45:53 - DrMASE -
Good luck!!! I gave up on recieving the jersey. I did get the other items I ordered eventually.
07.09.2024 11:52:35 - nimeni32 -
At this point we clearly need a new priority artifact to decrease the waiting time on merch!
07.09.2024 17:58:13 - PeppermintButler -
Let us know how it goes, lol. I'm still missing my Alienware Jersey and Alienware T-Shirt from 2022, but at least got my mousepad, lol. Don't think I'd bother. Never felt like hassling them since they're so generous.
07.09.2024 20:11:29 - Milkyshakes -
**Update** They responded back within a day telling me that they are refunding the ARP back to my account and are going to send me out a banner to which they confirmed my address.
07.10.2024 04:40:48 - DrowningInIt -
excellent to see they responded and gave a really dope resolution for you. Win for the time spent waiting. YEARS
07.11.2024 05:06:00 - Milkyshakes -
Yeah Fr, 4 years is a bit much if you ask me lol. Ill update the post if i ever get the banner in the mail