Anyone else's game quests not updating? Been playing Warframe for like 12 hours and no update
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02.29.2024 03:31:36 - ❤ めぐ ☕ みん ❤ -
Other quest are working? (Ruling out Private game playtime)/Have tried any solutions on Unofficial FAQ?
02.29.2024 04:42:56 - Augestflex -
Mine didn't at first. I had to do the following to get it to show up, and then to count. Play for about an hour on Steam, then exit game. Wait some time, then it finally showed in AWA to start quest and launch. Play for over an hour again a
02.29.2024 12:46:42 - Elfchibi -
Yes, other quests are working. I'v tried logging out, and redoing my setup process. It shows me still earning time if i work on the community event, but nothing got the personal game time or the game of my choice.
02.29.2024 15:47:09 - Sparkyastic -
Same as Augestflex, showed up this morning completed. Seems to happen quite often on the "named" Steam Quests for me, just have to give it time.