Hello, I'd like to gift Steam keys to a few games. There will be question marks instead of letters, clues and a bit of guessing involved. Tinykin: J8X?Q-V?GXK-X9DGF (The first letter of the name of the character in The Last of Us who said my favourite monologue.) Shantae and the Seven Sirens: DWBTC-DF8M7-R?DQJ (The first letter of the name of the character I married in Baldur's Gate 3.) Islets: ?JXE8-IQ8PN-33P4K (The 6th letter in the name of my favourite character in The Witcher.) Happy gaming!
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03.08.2024 13:40:31 - Petra the Bookicorn -
It'd be helpful if you commented when you got the keys so others don't have to waste their time. Thank you :)
03.08.2024 13:45:10 - Quijote3001 -
I got Shantae. Thanks!
03.08.2024 13:47:50 - Quijote3001 -
Islets seems to be taken because I tried that one first and it was taken. Since I already got Shantae, I don't want to try Tinykin since I don't want to hoard and I prefer somebody else taking it
03.08.2024 14:05:34 - Freemose -
I got Tinykin, thank you :D
03.08.2024 14:43:29 - Petra the Bookicorn -
Yes, all the codes were redeemed. Thank you for playing, everyone!
03.08.2024 15:48:34 - Kurozzz -
Wow this was a nice game with all of my wishlisted games but was a bit late. Though nice border, how did you get it?
03.08.2024 16:09:21 - Not Ripley -
Not trying to get a key as I own all of those. That's nice that you've put this up for the community.
03.11.2024 10:32:19 - mterme -
Did see your post too late to try for a key, but thank you for this giveaway!
03.11.2024 11:36:00 - Petra the Bookicorn -
@Kurozzz The border was in the marketplace when I joined AWA
03.11.2024 11:37:18 - Petra the Bookicorn -
@Not Ripley @mterme I'm just giving back to the community. I've got many great games thanks to AWA so it just made sense to do this.