Might be a dumb question, but is the artifact "Them" a typo or will it actually impact arp negatively?
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04.01.2024 01:40:01 - dreZmoL -
Don't activate it, don't activate it, don't activate it. ("The Three-Body Problem" mode)
04.01.2024 01:42:35 - ClapperMonkey -
I already did before I read it. I'm guessing that means it will hurt my arp. Guess I gotta wait 24 hours.
04.01.2024 01:42:49 - MysteriousMrX -
It's a repeat of a previous April's Fool joke, and, yes, it will take ARP away from you. When it first came out we weren't sure if it was a prank or not, and some people got it stuck in their artifact slot for a while due to the time bug..
04.01.2024 01:44:04 - ClapperMonkey -
Well that socks. And I spent arp to buy it. Least it wasn't expensive.
04.01.2024 03:35:01 - bcdusk2 -
Not a Typo.
04.01.2024 05:09:12 - MiguelAngelOA -
Wait, what?
04.01.2024 05:28:46 - D00msd4ys3y3s -
'-20% ARP'. It's not a good sign. True that you can easily buy it with little ARP, but it's not the best idea to equip it, otherwise you won't be able to get that much ARP from quests and such...
04.01.2024 06:33:52 - ClapperMonkey -
Ya. Thankfully the only quest I'm doing rn are the daily quest and I finished the pc advert so I shouldn't be too bad for the 24 hours before I can switch.
04.01.2024 07:42:15 - Prosac0 -
go woke, go broke
04.02.2024 05:08:52 - Halliday666 -
that's not a joke. it's very nasty.