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Question I should have asked a while ago: If I participate during a steam event but dont play enough hours, am I able to get the rest of the rewards after the event is over if I play enough?
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02.17.2024 18:10:23 - wasaga -
Once the event is over, you loose out on any rewards you didn't complete the personal requirement.
02.18.2024 01:46:46 - T4bletopG4mes -
Thats a shame cause they look like you could get them after the event as long you clicked participate :/
02.18.2024 03:30:33 - pericles77 -
why would they give you the full rewards if you didn't pull your own weight? You could just have let it idle for 8 hours anyway
02.18.2024 08:02:31 - Aradiel. -
Just like the weekly Steam quest, you have to do it while the event is active.
02.18.2024 21:01:09 - T4bletopG4mes -
Im not to saying to give me the rewards if I havent played the required hours but the UI hints (for me at least) that as long you particicipated you can unlock the rewards at a later date by just playing the hours required to unlock each on
02.19.2024 02:26:24 - pericles77 -
that doesn't make any sense. the milestones "boxes" have to show 2 ticks each for you to receive the milestone reward. If your personal contribution shows a lock on it, you haven't done your part, so you'll never get that milestone reward e
02.19.2024 05:15:53 - T4bletopG4mes -
Or it means that you can unlock it a later date since the reward isnt locked, just the part for hours played