Where is the compensation for the twitch ARP issues?
So, I was just wondering where is the compensation for the 78 ARP we lost during the 13 days of twitch issues (max artifact users).
I watched twitch for the amount of time needed to get 32 ARP and got only 26.
To my mind, some compensation seems in order.
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02.08.2024 23:04:21 - AshesOfThePast -
"it will not be. We're giving out some extra ARP here and there over the next month. But its to big of a task since its not equal across the board and there is no specific ARP allotment promised to anyone. As long as everyone gets its fairl
02.09.2024 01:31:40 - Reiatsu -
Ah, so it's ok to lose 80 ARP, imagine gaining 80 ARP due to some bug, they will revert the ARP for everyone, but God forbid you get the ARP you should. Losing ARP is acceptable. Gaining? Big yikes
02.09.2024 01:33:13 - Reiatsu -
We should be grateful the bug didn't last 1 month then
02.09.2024 03:16:32 - CitizenXLVIII -
Didn't we all get more ARP than we were owed from the other compensation before it?
02.09.2024 05:47:03 - AshesOfThePast -
Welp, seems there's a character limit. Rest of it > "As long as everyone gets its fairly, its not an issue." - Cartire on Discord
02.10.2024 02:41:13 - alexfrk -
Completely agree with Reiatsu.
02.11.2024 04:46:32 - saturnine23 -
I hadn't seen Cartire's update on this, @AshesOfThePast so thanks for reposting here. I can understand & appreciate it would be a lot of work on their end to figure out who should get compensated, but ... yikes.