Join KOF '97 Lucky Cards for a chance to win a DLS x KOF '97 Alienware AURORA R15 Gaming Desktop!

Doomsday: Last Survivors, the acclaimed survival game from IGG, is currently hosting a collaboration event with the exact game that you’d most want in your corner during a zombie apocalypse: THE KING OF FIGHTERS ‘97 – known around the world as one of the best and most well respected fighting games.

The collaboration, set to run from March 2nd until April 30th, features a number of events, limited-time items, and custom merchandise. First off, you can grab the collaboration hero Mai Shiranui simply by participating in the event. 

Aside from heroes and in-game items, Doomsday: Last Survivors also has other surprises in store! From 00:00, 04/23/24 - 23:59, 04/26/24 (UTC), players can join the limited-time KOF ‘97 Lucky Cards event for a chance to win a custom DLS x KOF '97 Alienware AURORA R15 Gaming Desktop! A high-end machine that gives top-notch performance and delivers an unparalleled gaming experience! There’s also a custom DLS x KOF ‘97 folding fan, an iPhone 15 Pro Max 256G, Amazon Gift Cards, and other amazing prizes!

Don’t wait, download Doomsday: Last Survivors now! Go to [Event Center] - [Limited-Time-Gifts] or [News] to join the event!

Since shambling onto mobile platforms, leaving the entrails and limbs of lesser games in its wake, Doomsday: Last Survivors has taken over the world like a particularly contagious zombie outbreak. Set in a world where humanity clings to the final vestiges of existence, IGG's survival strategy game casts you as a Commander, tasked with building a shelter for your enclave of survivors while protecting them from the walking dead that surround them on all sides.

First up, there are few people better to have on your side in a zombie apocalypse than THE KING OF FIGHTERS’ legendary ninja, Mai Shuranui, who you'll be able to recruit as a Hero into your campaign. But you'll need to earn her loyalty first.

To get the alluring ninja on your side, you'll be drawing for puzzle fragments, which you use to complete puzzles in exchange for Mai Shiranui Fragments, Hero Armaments, Shelter Decorations, Chat Emojis, and more. Collect enough Mai Shiranui Fragments, and the iconic fighter is yours to recruit!

Doomsday: Last Survivors is a true war strategy game that's sure to keep you hooked. Best of all, Doomsday: Last Survivors supports seamless cross-platform play on mobile, PC, and Steam, so you can join your fellow players on this fantastic journey no matter where you are! Join us now and begin your glorious journey!

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I've looked all around the site and played the game for a little while but am unable to find how to enter the contest.

Elflord95 said: 1d

Where is 

[Event Center] - [Limited-Time-Gifts] or [News]?

well you install the game and spend like 30 grand and you may have a chance

bmurray75 said: 6h

I've looked all around the site and played the game for a little while but am unable to find how to enter the contest.

you gota spend money and get once chance per 30$ or something and if you flip like 50 cards over at 30$ you get a 100% chance at a free iphone pitty prize