THIS IS GTA 6: trailer came out

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Leaks and leakers have made Rockstar release the trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI earlier than expected. You've guessed it, story will be placed in Vice City and it will have two protagonists. But until the official release date we'll have to be patient.

The leaks have done it. Someone on X (Twitter) released a bad enough version for GTA VI trailer. At the same time many have thought that these are some kind of fake clips edited convincingly put together in order to present the game.

But Rockstar very quickly ban the account of the user and not long after on its YouTube channel released the official trailer before it was scheduled. Finally we're getting the first official trailer for new GTA game, 15 hours before it was scheduled. In the official trailer we get see confirmation of those details which leaked to the internet in the last year.

As was shown in the trailer, we will have 2 protagonists, man and woman who will do the dirty work. We didn't get to learn anything about the story, but at least we know that GTA 6 will be placed in Vice City, a fictious version of Miami.

In the trailer we also get to see different parts of the city - from night life to sunsets and fairy tale palm trees.

A huge emphasis was also placed on the live streams through social media.

And now, we believe that you're also interested in the release date. Like many predicted, it is set for 2025, which means in a year and a half or two years, more so.

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