Let's Celebrate Planet Zoo’s 4th Anniversary!

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Frontier Developments have been enchanting fans with quality animal content for 4 years now! Planet Zoo now has 17 DLC packs for purchase and has offered lots of free content updates to their base game. For their 4th anniversary, Planet Zoo is releasing special free additional content with their 1.15.2 update to the base game! Players will get a brand-new animal to celebrate the occasion, the Collared Peccary! These hoofed mammals (not pigs, but close relatives!) will forage using the forage box and love rolling around in the mud! Make sure to give them plenty of room, since these social creatures will want to live in packs of 5-15. 

What’s a celebration without balloons?! The update will also include new balloons of the Orangutan, Black and white Ruffed Lemur, the Red Deer, and our new Collared Peccary friends! These will be a permanent addition that your guests can hold and interact with. A special in-game 24-hour Community Challenge will be running on the 3rd-6th of November where you will receive a boosted animal that has an 80%+ in any gene for every 5 animals you release and a complete avatar outfit for every 20 animals! If you’d like to rep your favorite game outside of the digital world, The Planet Zoo merch store will be holding a sale to celebrate, with some items up to 25% off! 

Planet Zoo's social media has always been a great source of adorable in-game content and they’ll be hosting giveaways for their anniversary! Be sure to check out their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

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