Hunt: Showdown Halloween In-Game Bundle Pack Giveaway

Get Your Hunt: Showdown Halloween Bundle Key and Prepare for a Nightmare Hunt!
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Hunt: Showdown is a high-stakes, tactical PvPvE first-person shooter. Hunt for bounties in the infested Bayou, kill nightmarish monsters and outwit competing hunters - alone or in a group - with your glory, gear, and gold on the line.

Claim your Halloween game pack and unlock:

  • Legendary Hunter: Night Seer 
  • Legendary Weapon: Black Wight (Machete) 
  • Event Points: 750 (Battle Pass Progress) 

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Night Seer 
Originally initiated into the Hunt by a small group of militiamen, Isaac Powell was changed by a vision of the impending end of the world and Second Coming. He founded Night of the Hunter, a Blood Cult whose members believe the blood of the creatures they hunt is holy, and adorn themselves with it in the belief that it will save them from death in this world, and buy themselves redemption in the next. 

Black Wight 
The cruel machete of infamous Hunter Lynch. Beneath the stains, engraved markings reveal its original purpose as part of a huge steel printing plate.