Star Trek Online Borg Assimilation Pack Giveaway

Equip Your Crew and Ship for the Ultimate Battle!

On the heels of conflict of misunderstanding with the Tholians and the tearing of the Reality Vortex, the Borg surge through this rip in space and time and attack Starbase One! 

Your Borg Assimilation Pack will unlock:

  • Borg Exoskeletal Frame ∞ (Bound to Character)
  • Special Requisition Pack - Liberated Borg Engineering Officer (Bound to Account) 
  • 12 Bank Slots (Bound to Account) 
    • Claimed via the “Promotions” tab in the Zen Store 
    • Available to any Faction


  • This code is PC exclusive.
  • These will all be in the Promotions Tab in the Zen Store to claim
  • Players must have completed the Tutorial in order to claim
  • Any faction should be able to claim it
  • This is a once-per-account claim
  • Codes expire 12/31/2024