No Man's Sky adds VR Overhaul, New Quests, and More!

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The long-standing, space-faring game No Man's Sky has recently rolled out their Update 4.10, their 163rd official update in the long line of updates made to the game. The game has received support since its 2016 release and, given the team's dedication, has managed to turn around a rocky release into a beloved fan favorite.

Some of the biggest changes in this latest update will impact VR. The update release was paired with the release of Sony's PSVR2 so VR users will have a full refresh of visuals and VR interactivity, such as being able to open and close your ship using your hands and better base-building capabilities. Also on the hardware front, Hello Games has added gyroscopic support for Steam Deck players. The latest update also contains a new starship, new expedition (Quests), a robot companion, and other quality-of-life updates. Overall, like many of No Man's Skys updates, Update 4.10 gives an impressive amount of content for new and old players alike to dig into and explore.

You can watch the Update trailer or read the complete patch notes for a full view of everything in the latest update.

Are you still playing No Man's Sky? How many more years do you anticipate this game will have continued support? Let me know in the comments below!

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Is very intetresting, but if you're a PC user, the VR glasses of Sony aren't compatible,then; wil be open to other models of VR to use it? Noboby knows..