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Multiple Bugged Avatar Items - Owned Items, Not Showing As Owned In The Marketplace.

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Some items I own are not equipping. I own the Valentine's Day Shirt, Alien Cupid, Ribbon Water Powers and Tool Belt. When I go to the equip screen they don't stay on when I hit save. I just noticed in the Market Place these items aren't showing I own them, there's no "claim" listed on them like the The Green Man Suit.

Here's a pic showing I have the Ribbon Water Powers and Tool Belt.


Here's a pic showing that the Ribbon Water Powers is not showing that I own it in the marketplace.


A few other issues with certain bugged items.

1. The Green Man Suit doesn't look anything like the display icon when you apply it. When I purchased it I thought I was going to get a greenish glow applied to my avatar. Instead there's no face displayed(it's basically just green) and half the body is black with a design on. If I could I would just refund it.


2. Groucho Glasses don't actually go on the face, they sit next to the face.

3. 5 o-clock Shadow shows over the Anna the Huntress Mask.

4. The eye glare doesn't appear in one eye on all skins.


Feel free to comment if you've found more.

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Destroy Multi-accounts And Bots!

Ribbon Water Powers doesn't stay on the avatar.

I also have the same issue.


alien cupid top and the ribbon waters do not save