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Steam Quest does not update after days of waiting

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Hopefully someone in the community knows a fix for this.

The AWA Steam quest for any of the events that requires it to "Check Game" never seems to work for me. It doesn't convert any of the buttons to "Join" nor does it indicate that I have contributed or received any of the ARP. This has always been frustrating.

In regards with the current AWA Dead by Daylight community event, I feel like none of my hours are being contributed to the grand total.

Even with the current Steam quest for a free game, Aim Lab, the button still appears as only "Check Games" even after playing an hour of it days ago.

My Steam account is linked with Alienware Arena, I even resetting the linked accounts it to ensure that nothing wonky was going with the credentials.

My Steam profile is public, the game library is public, the hours played is public. Anyone can confirm by checking the profile link below.

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I was trying to edit the last post I made but it disappeared?...

The problem is the button used to link and unlink Steam Account is not working properly. (See image below)

It is forever stuck linked to the very first Steam Account I've bound to Alienware Arena.