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ARP not counted

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From the last big update, I noticed that many times ARP are not added to my account. Even days after the earning, ARP are not counted. So basically they are lost. Any way to see how much I already lost and how to get them back?

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Steam Hunter Malaysia

you can try

personalization > my arp progress

then maybe reload after open that page

edited: who am i to say this when im still tier 4 kahkahkah



I saw that already. Was the first thing I checked. It seems fine, but it does not add the points from time to time, even if there are visible those same points.

Probably a bug


The only winning move is not to play

Yesterday I had 2400 points, I need 50 more for the Evil West game vault thing tomorrow. 
This morning I activated a booster, did the daily, watched stream and time on site.

All in all that should have brought me 25 + 25 with the double xp, not to mention the weekly and day of the month points, I should be somewhere over 2450 now, but I am still at 2400. I did all the things like 6 hours ago. Why does it take so long for it to accumulate? 

I looked at the ARP progress thing and its still only showing what I earned from yesterday, nothing from today. 
When are the points tracked and added, every 24 hours? 

post edit: Another weird thing is that under steam quest in the side panel it says 25 points, as if I have recently completed a steam game quest - I have not for this week, I did last week on sunday.
So why is it still showing now like 3 days into the new week?