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no ARP for Time on Site UPDATE 26.01 // i am still waiting for the solution of the problem

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Since 3 days I don't get the ARP for Time om Site credited. They are listed on the page but not added.

In general, the system is extremely sluggish and also other
ARP are only strongly delayed or partly not added at all.
Can also be easily checked on
Could someone please take care of the problem.

With kind regards

UPDATE 19.12

the problem is getting bigger and bigger and still nobody cares about it.
In the meantime, almost no ARP is added.
With the individual subitems it is indicated however
but not added to the total ARP.
Logout /Login / clear cache / other devices or browsers etc did not help.

The pronlem is clearly on Alienwares sideand it was still not fixed after some mails to the support.


UPDATE 23.12

I am still waiting for the solution of the problem.
So far nobody has taken care of the problem!
I already sent them several mails and no one responded to my
entry at Bug Report nobody reacted.
I expect that finally someone takes care of the problem.
so that the ARP will be credited again.


UPDATE 15.01.23

Meanwhile again 2 days in a row in which NO ARP were credited for Time On Site.


UPDATE 26.01
I am currently still waiting for a response to my
mails but nothing has happened since last year.
Time on Site ARP still make problems



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today the arp for time on site were once again not added.
In addition, yesterday once again the game quest was not there
and also otherwise the adding for arp runs more than bad.
It is pure luck that you get ARP for login, daily quest, game, 7Day in a row, time on site and twitch really added. I look regularly here:
In the year I miss extrapolated 2000-4000 ARP because the
System does not run properly.
Please take care of a decent system
that works halfway reliable.




EDIT the ARP for daily quest and game
were also once again NOT added today after several hours.

How many weeks months must still pass until
that finally works halfway?

Take care of it finally.


also today missing again 15 ARP for
Time on site (5) , minigame(5) and daily quest(5)


more and more arp is generally not added at all

today alone 43ARP are missing again

5arp login 7/ 10arp 7 days in a row login // 5arp daily quest
5arp Game // 5 Time on Site // 13 of 15 Twitch

log out log in again clear cache, other devices and browser do nothing help

My mails to the service are not answered and there is no one to solve the problem.



again today the ARP for Time on Site are missing
and I am still waiting for my mail to be processed.


Again today NO ARP for Time on Site was
added and I am still waiting for an answer to my
support request by mail


again today NO ARP for Time on Site
on my mails to the support was also not yet reacted


UPDATE 23.12

I am still waiting for the solution of the problem.
So far nobody has taken care of the problem!

I expect that finally someone takes care of the problem.
so that the Time on Site ARP are added correctly again.


Merry Christmas,
I wish you and your families a merry and peaceful Christmas. Have a nice holiday and let the year end relaxed.

Unfortunately there was no bugfix as a present
but I hope that after the holidays it will be taken care of.
Would be very happy about the rebooking of the missing ARP.


UPDATE 27.12

the ARP for Time on Site were added again for today.
The ones for the last 2 weeks are still missing like all the other missing ARP though.
Mail Support has also not responded to my mails
with proof screenshots.
Can only hope the problem is now finally fixed.

If someone from the support should read this.
Would be appropriate to add the missing ARP manually
or at least give a small compensation.