Paragon Resurrected as "Paragon: The Overprime"

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Released in 2016, Paragon was a F2P MOBA that, like other games of the time, was swept under the wave of Fortnite's popularity. The game was shelved by Epic in 2018, with the company releasing $17 million worth of game assets for developers to use for free in Unreal Engine. Several games using Paragon's assets have been made, such as Fault: Elder Orb and Predecessor-- though until now, no games made using the old Paragon assets could utilize the game's branding.

Paragon: The Overprime (PtO) is a rebirth for Paragon. South Korean studio NetMarble is developing PtO with Epic's permission to utilize the game's branding. PtO will be a F2P, live-service MOBA, with plans to launch early access sometime in November. While readers can get more details about the game from PC Gamer, there aren't many apparent differences between the original Paragon and PtO-- at least, not without playing it. NetMarble is running a global final test before their early access period, and incorporating new characters, a new map, and other modernizing fixes such as a new lobby, tutorial training, and item index into the game.

While this isn't a perfect resurrection of the original game, it's a close matchup and many fans of the prior game are excited that a close version of it is coming back.

Did you play Paragon back in 2016? What are your thoughts on the MOBA being resurrected?

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