Eternal Return 2-Character + 2-Skin Bundle Key Giveaway

Be the last survivor on Lumia Island!

Eternal Return's new mode is finally here! In celebration of a new 4v4 mode, Cobalt Protocol, Eternal Return is giving away a 2-Character + 2-Skin Bundle for its players. The new mode, Cobalt Protocol is played in two teams of 4 players. Your main objective is to gather points and bring the opponent team's score to 0. This can be achieved by taking down enemies, animals, and NPCs, or by capturing objectives.

The characters/skins included in the key bundle:

  • Li Dailin character / Rebel Li Dailin skin
  • Luke character / Bartender Luke skin

About Eternal Return

Eternal Return is the unique survival MOBA that combines strategy, mechanics, and aesthetic characters. On the deserted Lumia Island, the seedy organization AGLAIA is conducting a secret experiment to perfect a new race of extraordinary humans. Scour the island as one of the ever-growing cast of test subjects, to search, craft and hunt. Among 18 test subjects - either as a solo or with a team, be the last one to survive. Kill to live.

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Keys expire August 17, 2022.