Secondary Screen Survey

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Hey Again Everyone!

Another wild survey has appeared in the tall grass! Seems like everyone wants to get your feedback on the things we're investigating! This time we have another quick survey around the idea of a "Second Screen" experience we'd love to get your thoughts on! Not just talking about having a second monitor here, but another smaller screen for different kinds of information. Thanks again!

(Just a reminder that these surveys do not mean that we are guaranteed to do the things we're discussing, just that we are looking for more information/feedback)

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Funny.  After seeing that godawful Asus ROG Strix Flare II Animate keyboard, I thought, "That is some hot trash that I wouldn't use if it was given to me for free.  But if one were to incorporate an LCD screen - preferably detachable - into a keyboard that could be used to monitor system info (CPU and GPU temps and usage, framerate, etc. - basically the functions mentioned in the survey) so that I didn't have to use an on-screen overlay, like MSI Afterburner, then I could see a genuine benefit to that and might actually pay money for it."  Though, upon further reflection, I don't actually want it to be part of a keyboard, since I'd never actually use it like that, as I prefer either a 60-65% or TKL keyboard and the last thing I'd ever want is some bulky add-on making the thing more cumbersome.  But a screen that could either attach to my monitor bezel or sit just below the monitor, freestanding?  I'd be interested in that.  Then it just comes down to price.  If it's affordable, I'm in.  If it costs as much as a cheap second monitor, you can cram it with walnuts.