Alienware Laptop Discord Q&A

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Hey Everyone!

With the new m15 R7, x15 / x17 R2, and x14 laptops we've released, we wanted to give the community a chance to ask all your burning questions to the the folks who help bring them to you! Later today we're hosting a Q&A with Francisco Santana who is the xSeries Product Manager and Judy Zhu who is the mSeries Product Manager on our Discord server! 

We've opened the discussion thread (#ama-questions) now, so be sure to join the Discord server and get those questions in.

Time: 3pm-4pm EST

Where: #ama-questions

Topics: m15 R7, x15 / x17 R2, and the x14

The thread is open now if you want to start populating any questions you have now.

See you there!


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Thanks for the Q&A!  :D  

I hope there will be more about many other topics as well  :)