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Gaming buddies

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Like many of you, I have a wonderful gaming buddy named Lily. I want to see all of your oh so fuzzy, or not so fuzzy at all gaming buddies.

Post your pictures down below! 


UPDATE: Guys my heart is so full with all of these amazing pictures of your pets!! I love each and every one of them and they all deserve all the good pets and treats!

Those who don't have pets... that's okay, maybe it's not right for you, or you prefer the company of pet rocks or a volleyball with a face on it named Wilson! They still count you know. Hopefully, these pictures put a big smile on your face :) 

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I have two gaming buddies. Moonie(1) is scared of video games. Well, she's scared of most things actually.

Luna(2) likes to sit just like that while I play video games. 

These are my gaming buds, Zoe and Zander.  I love this pic because they look so sweet but they were actually play fighting right before I took this picture.  Zoe also chewed up one of my PS3 controllers once, but she just wanted to join in the fun :)