Celebrate Blade & Soul 5th Anniversary with Alienware

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Get ready to celebrate five years of Blade & Soul on January 13th!

● First, NCSoft will be hosting their “Blade & Soul 5th Anniversary Battle Station Sweepstakes”. We’ve provided the Grand Prize and one lucky cricket will have the chance to win an Alienware gaming system set custom skinned by NCSoft and Blade & Soul team! Visit NCSoft's official post to get the full details of their sweepstakes.

● Along with some major item and system changes, every player can:

  • Receive the ‘Game Over’ Costume and the ‘Late Date’ Illusion Weapon available to all players once per account via the Hongmoon Store.
  • Collect Idol Challenge Tokens and more in the upcoming House of Idols Dungeon Challenge.
  • Earn Festival Coins as you complete Daily and Weekly Challenges, Daily Quests, and auto-hunt in Primeweald and spend these Festival Coins in the Dragon Express for the chance to score more in-game rewards.
  • Unlock the new Knightmare costume by subscribing for the 365 Day Premium Membership costume when the 5th Anniversary Festival update goes live.

● And thanks to our friends at NCSoft, we’re running a Key Giveaway on Alienware Arena from Jan 13 to Jan 27 (or while supplies last) where you can receive the special Honor Guard costume.

● Last but not least, join Rxysurfchic on January 14 at 11:00 AM ET via twitch.tv/alienware to get a taste of the 5th Anniversary festivities and updates. And again, thanks to NCSoft, you’ll have a chance to win unique in-game items!

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Nah, we Europeans will not be able to participate in it anyway, as always.


* Key Giveaway on Alienware Arena from Jan 13 to Jan 27 (or while supplies last)


* Only for selected countries, as always happens with bigs giveaways