Hunter’s Arena: Legends Final Test Key Giveaway

Join the Final Tests Before the Steam Early Access Launch!

Claim your Steam key and gain access to the final two tests before Hunter's Arena: Legends goes into Steam Early Access!

The final test dates are:

  • June 26 (Fri) ~ June 27 (Sat)
  • July 3 (Fri) ~ July 4 (Sat)

Test time by region:

  • ASIA - 4:00pm ~ 11:59pm (KST)
  • NA - 4:00pm ~ 11:59pm (PDT)
  • EU - 4:00pm ~ 11:59pm (CEST)

About Hunter's Arena: Legends:
Hunter’s Arena: Legends presents a highly competitive PvP battles. The game’s Battle Royale mode features a unique blend of elements from MMORPGs, MOBAs and battle royales alike. At the beginning of every match, max sixty(60) players are set loose in a beautifully designed map filled with loot and thousands of AI enemies(PvE), and fight for their lives to become the last survivor. The core 1vs1 fighting mode, named as “Tag Match”, is still a prominent part of the game, where players can select two characters and switch them during the gameplay according to their own strategies!