COVID-19 - How To Help

Join the fight against COVID-19 by supplying your own CPU and GPU power from your Alienware PC & put it to work! Go solo or grab some friends (virtually) to help researchers better understand the coronavirus. Download the@foldingathome app to get started.


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For those of you who do not know, this is a "game-style" research app that has proven to help against the fight of HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and other illness.  You may end up making discoveries without realizing it, but if I remember right I believe that it is possible to get credit for a nobel peace prize if you happen to have the breakthrough that researchers have been looking for.  I didn't really see a review that shows what this actually was in the comments so I decided to hop and and educate from what I remember.  I've done this several years ago and found it to be interesting.  There may have been updates since then.