Overwatch's 3 Year Anniversary Event Starts Today with Giveaways and Free Trial from 21st to 28th May

Overwatch's 3 Year Anniversary Event Starts Today with Giveaways and Free Trial from 21st to 28th May

It feels like Overwatch has been around for a long time but the game is only celebrating its 3rd anniversary today.  Overwatch is still going strong as one of Blizzard's more successful franchises and the anniversary event kicks off with a free one week trial that commences on 21st May through 28th May.  The trail is available to PC, PS4 and XBOX players.

In conjunction with the trial, anyone that plays Overwatch during the period will receive one FREE Anniversary Loot Box that is guaranteed to contain one legendary item.

The Anniversary Event will last longer than the free trial event and will end on 10th June.  During that time, Blizzard plans to release six new legendary skins and three new epic skins.  Especially for old and returning players, Blizzard will enable previous seasonal brawls in the Arcade so that players can grab any cosmetics they might not have been able to achieve in past years.

Anyone that purchases a special loot bundle will also receive an additional legendary loot box.



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Free loot!!!


Wow 3 year? Think the game have like 1 year ! nice to hear... Good game for all :D


I thought that only a year had passed)






Still someone did not buy it?


Still someone playing it?



Reasonable Astartes Chapter





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Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Blizzard's Overwatch with Free Giveaways and one week Trial

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