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ps4 or xbox one controller

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for you which is the best gamepad to play

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that's the way should be

I myself prefer the ps4 Controller its lighter and easier than to the xbox one controller in my opinion but again it depends with that your used to and comfortable with 

PS4 all the way. Just feels right in my hands

Xbox one controller. Best controller ever.

Xbox one controller.

PS4 only

Hmmm... I play with PC, Mouse/KeyB... I know in some games you need Controller... I read XBox have good controller with PC!!
I went to local Power-store, I bought cheap copy...  After 30min... 1 button didn't work anymore... I went back and got money back... => Real Game Store and Double Price, but MS XBoX Contoller TY!!
It works and The Touch is NICE and Sweet!!

I hate Controllers!!!

XOne controller is the best not only for the ergonomy, but also the integration Windows - Xbox.

In general, I don't like controllers, but I'm trying to practice more and more