Rainbow setup, have I went too far on RGB?

Rainbow setup, have I went too far on RGB?


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Rainbow to the stars

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UNITED STATES OF RAVERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Spotted one punch man on the shelf.



I belong to the gamers in whom the old ways have joined the new.


I dig it


lgbt gamers be like 8)


Looks nice.


No way that is so amazing. I am so jealous. My dad would be jealous too. I really want a set up like that.


One can not simply just have to much RGB. Not possible. xD


Awesome setup.


That's a sick setup bro. Which keyboard is that btw?

Embrace The Dark Side. . . .

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Laptop: Alienware 17 R5 (I7-8750H/GTX1070/16GB - TimeSpy Score: 6307)
Mouse: Alienware Elite
Keyboard: Alienware Pro
Headset: Alienware Gaming
Monitor: Alienware 25' 240Hz
Mousepad: Razer Firefly
Headset Stand: Razer Base Station Chroma
LED strip on the table: Razer Chroma Development Kit
Laptop Stand: Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB
Sound: Sony SRS-XB40
Controller: Xbox One
Controller Stand/Charger: Unbranded from AliExpress
Uploaded by AwakeBR

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