Alienware Macro Keys and Alienware Command Center AlienFX

Alienware Macro Keys and Alienware Command Center AlienFX Learn how to browse the new Control Center application, configure macro keys, lights and customizable presets. In this video we will show case every screen for the mouse and keyboard. Alienware Control Center: More about our systems: If you require assistance, leave us a comm
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I have question about macros. I have many alienware products but I still doesn't know how to record mouse click in the alien command center so my question is there any way to record mouse click(s)?


Has anybody resolved this issue with recording mouse clicks in the alien command center?  I'm able to record keystrokes but not mouse clicks.  I have tried reinstalling the command center and updated my computer but with no luck.


I have the same issue. I would like to record a left click so I can add a delay and have one of the side buttons ("forward") spam a left click. Is this not possible? 

Are there any pre-built themes or layouts for specific games? Other keyboard I have used had such and automatically loaded it once you launched a game. Curious if this is how alienware command center is supposed to work.