Valve Index and Knuckles Pre-orders Confirmed for May 1st, Shipping in June

Valve Index and Knuckles Pre-orders Confirmed for May 1st, Shipping in June

Update (April 1st, 2019 – 2:16PM PT): Following the leak of the Steam product page for the Valve Index headset (detailed below), a spokesperson for Valve tells Road to VR that the information “while not comprehensive, is accurate.” The spokesperson also said that the company is targeting May 1st for a full reveal of the headset which will include pre-orders, with shipping planned some time in June (though the exact date is not yet confirmed). Knuckles will also be sold alongside Index, and Valve plans to call them “Valve Index Controllers” going forward.

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The best is yet to come...



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Neat, something new!






Not while Steam is intent on censoring customer reviews. #boycottsteam

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wow gj valve


Who among us will accept this challenger? The name is a mouthful lol.

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Valve today confirmed to Road to VR that the company is planning a full reveal of Index on May 1st, accompanied by pre-order availability of both the headset and Knuckles controllers. The company says the actual release date of the headset and controllers will come some time in June.

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