Alienware M15 Delivered! - First impressions

Alienware M15 Delivered! - First impressions


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Hello everyone. I am happy to announce I got my very first custom made Alienware M15 delivered yesterday. I havent had much time to use it but wanted to share my first impressions of having the laptop for about 24 hours.

-It is lightweight, feels a hint heavier than my old Macbook Pro 13
-It is insanely fast. Stays at 4ghz all cores during max load and does not throttle. My very first second hand M15X would thermal throttle like no tomorrow so this is a pleasant upgrade.
-I got the 1080p screen and its gorgeous. Ace Combat 7 looks better on the screen compared to my Sony X800E HDR Tv.

-RTX2070 can play Ace combat 7 at 1080p with 150% textures at 80-90fps. Normal was giving me over 120fps. I am going to test Arma 3, Resident Evil 2, LOMAC this weekend.



-It runs hot. 50c idle and under 100c load. GPU hits 75-80c

-The fans go full power at load to keep the CPU at 100c max temperature. You will need headphones or have volume on loud.

-Speakers are ok. The Macbook Pro speakers are way better. I play on using headphones anyway

-The image used for the operating system is not that recent .I had to run bunch of updates for Windows, Dell/Alienware drivers and apps.

-There was no copper plate for the M2 drives. I talked to Dell and they are going to send me the plates once they get more in stock. Other option was to return the laptop and wait for a new one to go out.


Link of the part numbers for the M2 heatsink


Closing Thoughts.

I knew about the cons with it running hot and fans needing to go full turbines to keep it cool. It makes sense, I dont think we have the compound or materials yet to keep things cool. The missing heatsink was not pleasant but Dell was very kind and they actually helped me get the laptop quicker than original shipment and they are going to get me the part as soon as possible. Having once owned a second hand M15X that was bulky and heavy. I remember it running hot but I was able to play Crysis on the go. Fast forward many years and now we have the laptop at a fraction of the size and it performs very close to my Area51R1 that has an 8700k and 2080ti! Those who take delivery of their m15's and m17's please share your experience and also please share your temps. I haven't yet found typical operating temperatures.


Thanks for sharing your first impressions with us Luke. Everything sounds good so far, except the high temperature. But all my Alienware laptops I had during the last few years got really hot. A good repaste job did help to run all of them a lot cooler. Dell's factory installed heat transfer paste isn't the very best and in most cases applied too thick, which hinders good heat transfer. A high-grade thermal paste, applied very thin on the die of GPU and CPU, brings the temperature down by 10-15°C easily.

To be honest I am more concerned about the high temperature and thermal throttling with the i9-8950HK and RTX2080MQ. Hope the bigger cooler in the m17 is able to dissipate the heat accordingly.

I will post my first impression and temperature as soon as I receive my m17 - it has shipped yesterday, but UPS didn't pick it up yet.

m17: i9-8950HK, RTX2080MQ, 17" Full-HD, 32GB HyperX RAM, 512GB Sandisk NVMe SSD, 1TB Crucial m.2 SSD, 2TB Kingston 2.5" SSD, 1550Killer WLAN




Hi Diolysius,

That is great news! I’m looking forward to your review and pictures. I have yet to find a m17 out in stores. Thank you for the tip. I ordered kryonaut paste and also Cass-Ole recommended I look into changing the thermal pads as well. One thing that I’m wondering is what differences did the review samples m15’s have that had temps maxing at 80. 


100C is unacceptable.  Undervolt and lower the turbos a little bit before repasting.  Use ThrottleStop, not Intel XTU.  Supposedly Dell has been shipping newer units with better paste and better application, so the best you'll reclaim is probably 2-3C likely with kyronaut.  But, your mileage may vary.  Let us know how it turns out!


Oh man now I am worried that 100c is unacceptable. These temperatures I am getting from balanced performance to which I heard is slight overclock. Around what max temperatures should be expected without undervolting?


Hi LukeG310,

100c is very High. How is the Situation, if you have 100c?

The german Dell Support would say to you, that 100c is ok for the CPU. Intel said, that is within the specifications.


I had two rubber cable holders on my desk and I had my laptop resting on it so it can be elevated little over half an inch and noticed temperatures drop to 34-40 idle and 75-87 under load. GPU also dropped to high 60's. This is under balanced mode. with no undervolting or thermal paste replacement done. Work has been little busy so I may need to delay the thermal repaste for few days.


Laptop started getting BSOD's and requiered me to do a clean install. I talked to Dell and having a new one sent to me early next month.



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