A system similar to Mixer points?

A system similar to Mixer points?

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Have us watch one of your suggested or main channels on Twitch/Mixer to grind out ARP? The more time you watch the stream for, the more points you get. 

Currently there is a system on Paladins and Smite where you watch the official channel on Mixer and get a certain amount of points per hour to work towards a reward. For every 12 minutes you watch, you get a single point. Examples include:

Get a lifetime total of 600 points (spending points not required) = Mixer Khan skin

Spend 400 points (on each) = High Elf Lian skin, FN-01 Erebos Fernando skin

Spend 600 points (on each) = V1-KTOR Viktor skin, Genie Ying skin, Huntsman Androxus skin

So far, I've grinded out 2,400 Mixer points and have gotten every skin besides V1-KTOR. I'm still 200 points shy and I've been running my PC since almost a month ago non stop. As you can see, not everyone would do it the way I'm doing it so it would be hard to abuse the system. In the case of this website though, it would just be ARP. The points payout doesn't have to be anywhere similar to this system and could be a 1 or 2 points an hour to still encourage people to use the forums to earn more points as well. Not suggesting it has to be the primary method of grinding points seeing as you will still earn more on a daily by doing ARP quests. Just an alternative to get a liiiiittleeee bit more.

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getting points for idol mod for not watching anything to gain points sounds like bots which is something we are against