My Area 51 - The begining

My Area 51 - The begining

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Well as i stated in my original post i was trying to put  SAS drives in the system. I still may in the future when i can invest in a 12gbps SAS controller. the one i purchased is in need of a bios flash and i had to make some bios changes that i didnt like to get the card to come up. Before some one asks why sas drives. I just happen to own a bunch of them and wanted to make use of them. So i took all the parts out that i had added and put in a second 3.5 rotational and we are off to the gaming that i bought this for. 

Next upgrade will be a nicer monitor.


Nice, You can never go wrong with Alienware products!

Lost. Broken. In. Silence.


Woooah! Its amazing!


still have cd s and dvd s woow you re real gamer




Care to explain why you have 3+ keyboards xD
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there is a 2k9 mac pro off screen to the left that is the keyboard behind the logitech and the one up top is a blue tooth keyboard that i use for my tables or the mac when i need to ....its a bit of a mess on this desk but all the rigs are operational and work great. 


чувак, найди себе бабу уже наконец-то... хоть под новый год!

Causmo kramer

would love to see this setup after some heavy organization efforts. Id never be able to find anything!


Agreed finding can be a challenge i usually do a full clean and purge of the desktop once piles start falling off the desk i need to replace a couple of the monitors they are pushing 8 years old and are oddly mapped on there resolution so they appear un clear. I may post that kind of discussion in the pc area with a full set of pics of the desk and maybe my free nas server and other back room stuff

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Finally got my desk arranged enough to take a picture. here is my Area 51 set up and running. Its a 7820x with 32 gigs and dual 1070's it runs happily at cool at 4.7 ghz( the oc 2 settings) i would talk about the storage but im planning on changing it in the next week. I am getting rid of the sata rotational drive and replacing that with all SAS ssd's. just going to add a sas controller to manage those and keep booting off the 128gig nvme drive. once its running ill let you all know how it goes. Thanks fo
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