Team Sonic Racing's New Trailer Shows How Teammates Can Work Together on the Track

Onrush came along a couple of months ago with team-based racing inspired by Overwatch and flopped magnificently, despite glowing reviews. Team Sumo and Sega clearly think they’ve got a better formula though, pushing new team mechanics to the forefront of its upcoming kart racer - Team Sonic Racing.

Sega has revealed a new trailer for Team Sonic Racing taking a look at just this, showing how adept players can help out their teammates on the track. This includes skimming past teammates that have been hit by weapons to pull them back into the race, drafting behind team members for a boost, transferring items to one another, or even borrowing from fighting games with a Team Ultimate move that can be activated once the Ultimate Meter is filled.

As a kart racing fan, I was immensely excited when Sega was teasing a new Sonic racing game. Sonic & Sega Racing All-Stars & Racing Transformed were both incredible competitors to the Mario Kart crown with inventive tracks, mechanics, and long, content-packed single-player campaigns. Team Sonic Racing looks like it’s playing a far safer game, reducing it down to purely Sonic characters and stripping out the alternative racing disciplines. Because let's face, Sonic's mates suck compared to the likes of Ryo Hazuki and his forklift truck, Crazy Taxi's B.D. Joe, or Jet Set's Beat. It all looks a bit, well, basic, meaning there’s a lot hanging on the team racing mechanics. Hopefully, it all comes together in the end, but there are certainly warning signs.

Team Sonic Racing is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch this coming winter.

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still better then nothing on pc, since no mario kart, this one will do :)