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The Welcome Board - Rules and Useful Links

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Greetings and welcome the Welcome Board!

This is your chance to introduce yourself to everyone on AWA and tell us about yourself, what brought you here, your interests, or share your passion for gaming with us!

Before you open your introductory thread, I would ask you to please read the following rules:

1. Do not bump threads more than a week old to avoid spam.

2. Please create your own thread to introduce yourself and not someone else's thread.

3. If you are new and have any questions, please do not post them in this forum but in the Off-Topic board.

4. Read the pinned threads on the board first before you consider opening a thread about your questions or PM a moderator or admin. They will always help you whenever they are available.

We would love to get to know you and learn more who you are and read a bit more than a simple "hello" - so tell us about yourself your hearts content!

Got any questions?

Post them below!

Useful links:

Forum Etiquette

Guide: Arena Rewards Program (ARP). What is it?

Guide: ARP 5 FAQ

Guide: How to earn ARP with ARP 5

Guide: Leveling fast

Guide: How to add images to a post

Guide: How long does it take for my avatar/signature to be approved?

Where is "This or That"?

Where do I report spam?

Why was my VS. thread deleted or locked?

Rules: Gaming News

Rules: Cosplay Forum

Meet the Moderators


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It is good thing that new users give introduction and start engaging with community. But people should not create multiple threads with just a lousy HI. It is annoying to see welcome board's each page with one users 'HI' threads.


these rules are strait to the point i like it that way