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New Twitch Quest Streamers Incoming!

Global Admin

Hey Folks!

As some of you may have already seen, there are new faces showing up in the Twitch Quests! We are excited to announce we are expanding the pool of streamers to include our friends over at Team Liquid!

We will be setting these folks up over the next couple days so there may be some delays getting the extension up and running, and ARP flowing, but hang tight and you should have some more streamers to check out while you're earning ARP.

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Kuang Grade Mark Eleven

While we all respect the supremacy of NA residents wouldn't it be possible to include some streamers from the miserable rest of Earth's population? This would have the additional benefit of allowing to watch streams outside of NA busy hours (Earth has different time zones in case you're still believing in the flat Earth paradigm). cheeky

The Broke

As a Team Liquid CSGO and Dota fan, I love this partnership with Team Liquid. Also, the Alienware Training Facility in Brazil looks completely insane.

"Interstellar!" - Grig, The Last Starfighter

I don't seee the ARP widget on any of their streams, so unless Team Liquid get their guys to add it I assume they don't count towards the Twitch achievement

I appreciate seeing something like 6 streamers online at once, but had to dig about to find one who had the ARP thingummy running (Santoro FTW!). I know we can message the streamers individually - this just seems like something they could all be directed to do as part of this new tie-in.


I have tried some of the new streamers and none of them had the Alienware extension enabled. No ARP.