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Error 503 - first byte timeout

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Whenever I refresh whatever page I was last on in Alienware Arena, after, say, a day has gone by (or at least the universal time has switched to a new day), I get the error: "Error 503 - first byte timeout" with a dump overlayed on the page.  When I refresh again, it's gone and everything's fine.  After looking up what a 503 error is, it seems like a problem on Arena's end but being that it's been happening for over a year now, I'm wondering if there might be another reason for this.  Has anyone ever had that happen?  What might cause something like that?

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I got this error while trying to access the Game Vault, I didn't get to claim the game which I wanted because of this. Sad  crying


PS: I was on site for 30 minutes before opening the Game Vault page. Everthing was OK until it happened.


This might help to avoid these in the future:


this happened to me too when i refresh on Game Vault too. But no chance to avoid refreshing the web cus you need the web to show "Claim" button for "buy" a game with arp. Now im not very sure why this error show us because if you try it with vpn (vpn that work on alienwarearena obviously) this error not appear so..., idk why this show us. Look like is ramdon error for anyone


This might help to avoid these in the future:

I was using Opera GX during the opening of the Vault as suggested by this website. I'm guessing the problem IS from Arena's side.


Well, one thing's for sure- it appears that this error only occurs on Fastly content delivery network (CDN) services.  So, hopefully, one of the AA admins will see this thread and consider increasing the timeout for us.

And let me add... you can imagine that when the Game Vault opens, there's a flood of simultaneous requests going to their servers so I'm not surprised that this error shows up at that time.


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frank479 said: 3mo

This might help to avoid these in the future:


It doesn't. 5xx errors are a server issue and don't have anything to do with your browser. This is just a spam site trying to make money off referring people to Opera and then throwing together fake content so that Google doesn't realize they're gaming the system.