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Alienware doesn't care

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I dont claim to totally understand this tier system and how points work but I've been a member of Alienwarearena since 2010 when I bought an Alienware M17X. I signed up because of the software and "freebies." Over those years I've logged in somewhat regularly and redemeed points for items i never received and sent email inquiries that were never responded to. I spent points on a t-shirt, jersey and beanie(7,600) that I never received. I did receive the lower point items like socks, keychain, hat and a banner.

I'm in the galactic tier currently - I remember reading when this new arena site came out there were supposed to be extra keys for us loyal customers which I've never seen. I've saved arp for the last few months, wasted time watching Dead by Daylight on twitch, played free AND paid games on steam for an hour until a game I was actually interested in became available. That was tonight and they were gone in minutes. Whats the point?

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If you were here when the vault opened and kept trying you probably would have got a key for the DBD DLC, that one was around 2 or 3 minutes.  I admit the website kept freezing but it would load at least a few times before DBD DLC emptied out.   Best advice is to be here when the vault opens and try to get the one you want, if you wait it might not be around later.



You won't like this answer, but long story short, the reality is Alienware owes you nothing.


You have to be in time when the vault open, even 10 minutes is too late, i think we all know that's the way it goes, the other choice is to do random picks but that would mean you need luck to win anything, i was able to pick the dlc of dead by daylight and can't complain. 
Thanks Alienware!

Honestly if you were online at 12 AM UTC, you could have gotten any of the games except Saints Row. That one went out in a minute or two. The others took up to 8 minutes to be sold out and I could have claimed any of them. But in my case I will just wait for the next month or any upcoming month. No real rush honestly.


kinda dissapointed with saints row but other stayed for a 6-8 mins 

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The game keys that are split off into tiers are for the normal giveaways, not the ones in the Vault.

There seems to be a big wait list of at least 5 months for the Jersey and Tee shirt.